Prep area ZEUS PREP


Excellent « green » prep station, managed by the informative system ZEUS.
The system works in a completely automatic way and controls the prep station, providing the best performances while saving energy.
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lighting, extraction system, suction turbine for the  sanding dusts, infrared system and  compressed  air.
The operator can concentrate on his job, without being distracted by the switching on and off, since ZEUS is completely automatic and can activate the necessary functions in the current work phase. For example, the suction turbine and the dust extractor start automatically at medium speed when the operator begins the sanding. In the same way, once accomplished this operation, ZEUS will set the extractor at the maximum power so to allow the operator to clean the area by blowing; the speed is reduced to one minute after the end  of blowing, in order to minimize the costs.

Made in Italy