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Quality Control Systems

TecoLight semi-arc 4 lights for quality control

Evaluating the quality of painting and polishing is an increasingly indispensable requirement in modern body shops. Thanks to LED technology, it is possible to create high-efficiency lighting systems for quality control capable of natural and uniform lighting. Tecolight, available in the arched and trolley versions, has all the necessary features to best carry out this task. Its main features are:

-    possibility to set a priori the color of the light of the individual cassette in three different colors (warm, intermediate and cold light); they create the right contrast on the examined surface

-    various types of LED cassettes with power between 2300 and 7300 lm; they allow you to illuminate the worked areas to identify even the slightest imperfection

-    light and easy to handle; they are equipped with comfortable handles to illuminate where neededThe latest generation LED technology is the right "Green" answer to give a hand to Nature.

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