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LuccioLa - UVA LED

Now battery operated.

The need to have more high-performance and eco-friendly UV emitters than traditional Metal-Halide discharge lamps led us to undertake a long research and development time, often carried out in a pioneering way, starting with the study of the correct wavelength and power of LEDs used and the internal electronics necessary to control their UV emission.

The LuccioLa UV-A LED BAT is the latest evolutionary stage of portable UVA LED lamps presented for the first time at Automechanika Frankfurt in 2018. It is equipped with the same LEDs as previous versions which guarantee perfectly calibrated wavelength and power for actual UV curing products.

The newly developed batteries and the electronic circuit that controls their discharge during use are the result of a long period of study and allowed us to obtain a unique result of its kind which currently represents true innovation in the field of LED lamps: extract from the battery the power suitable for drying throughout the entire working cycle.

In addition to this, all versions are equipped with a timer to control the working time to always have usage data available.

In the 200 and 400 versions, the LuccioLa UV-A LED BAT adapts perfectly to the needs of the modern user.

Lampada UV-A LED BAT
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