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 TecoPoint ovens

TecoPoint oven with infrared portable dryer

The TecoPoint oven with portable infrared dryer allows you to exploit all the power of infrared radiation to quickly dry your specimens. It is compatible with Tecopoint 010 and 010 TR series dryers. The latter is particularly suitable because it is equipped with a power regulator.

TecoPoint rim oven art. 13051350

The TecoPoint rim dryer allows you to quickly dry your rims. It exploits all the power of TecoPoint infrared lamps already famous for their very high yield and quality. The DP control has 4 customizable programs available. The temperature sensor, pyrometer, allows you to best regulate the radiated power and guarantees maximum energy savings while also helping the environment.

Fornetto con essiccatore infrarosso TecoPoint
Fornetto per cerchioni TecoPoint
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