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LaBella Led - IR - UV curing

LaBella LED - infrared and ultraviolet curing lamp by Asco 3 - TecoPoint

The need to have a more high-performance and eco-friendly UV emitters than the traditional Metal-Halide lamps, led us to undertake a long time of research & development, often carried out in a pioneering way, to replace the lamps with a lower ecological impact emitters. We now use the UV-A LEDs. We studied the wavelength, the power and the electronics circuits to control the emission.

The exciting results obtained met with a wide audience of customers starting from Autopromotec 2019 when we presented LaBella LED for the first time. In a single device it integrates the IR and UV LED emitter. The drying process is activated instantly thanks to the ultraviolet rays energy. The efficiency is significantly increased and devices are more "green".

LB 260.1600 LB 560.160 VDP ST

Our catalog has many LaBella LED versions. The first, but still used, was born with digital control while we later has a touch screen with temperature and distance sensor. A PLC manages the drying process and controls the energy emetted in real time to ensure maximum efficiency as well as the high quality of the result.
All LaBellas can be added with another work tool, the LuccioLa UV-A LED.
For the versions that provide it, the item complies with the 4.0 regulation

LB 030.800 LB 230.800
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