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smart integration IR - UV LED

TETRA LED ultraviolet and infrared curing system by Asco 3 - TecoPoint

The 6120 STM TETRA LED is a drying system that allows you to treat both infrared and ultraviolet curing products. Its UVA LEDs drastically reduce time and energy consumption. The system is modular; you can choose - even after the installation - the number of UV modules to insert based on your needs. It allows you to enhance the irradiation, moving the UV modules if necessary to be able to act on the various car models. The inclination of the UV-A LED modules is free and allows even curved surfaces to be irradiated uniformly.
It is a semi-arch motorized on one or two axes (TETRA Mm – Single motor, TETRA Bm – two motors fot the two axes), depending on the version. It is controlled by a touch screen with configurable programs and can be managed remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Equipped with 4 infrared cassettes, it has three temperature sensors that communicate in real time with the software. There is also a distance sensor to correctly position the cassettes. The power currently available is 12 kW.
This is a product that complies with the 4.0 regulation; it exchange data with the company administrative office.

TETRA impianto essiccazione infrarossi e ultravioletti TecoPoint
TETRA impianto essiccazione infrarossi e ultravioletti TecoPoint
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